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Custom size

Reduce waste and costs by ordering tissue paper in the exact dimensions you require. When we prepare your paper using our on-site guillotine, we save the offcuts to make into shredded tissue. Therefore, you can rest assured that we operate a zero-waste system to best conserve materials.

The acid-free tissue paper is also fully recyclable and biodegradable to further increase your business’s green credentials when shopping with Shredhouse. Each sheet is machine finished to seamlessly marry eco-friendly features with the highest quality premium feel.

Enter your required size below; the maximum is 500 x 750mm. Minimum order quantity is just one ream, making these sheets suitable for even small businesses with limited storage space.

Tissue paper is intrinsically connected with notions of luxury, helping to curate a memorable unboxing experience. This in turn will create positive associations with your brand, securing repeat sales in the future.

Any shred, any colour

We offer an extensive range of shredded paper colours. We can even custom manufacture our shreds in any colour to match your company brand, subject to a minimum order. All shred is shipped to you from our UK-based factory. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and to arrange for samples.

Certifications & quality assurance

ISO 9001 FSC ISO 14001